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button mushroom plant cloth
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mushroom breeding fabricZhejiang Weave Industrial Fabrics provide the agaricus bisporus cultivation cloth/ button mushroom nursery bed cloth, mushroom feeding cloth, mushroom breeding fabric, mushroom bed holding fabric, black cloth for button mushroom plant, welcome to cooperate with SUITA FILTECH!

Relevant parameters:
1. Fabric material: polyamide mono / HD-polyethylene mono
2. Color: black
3.  Length per roll: as usual 20~36 meters per roll, special requirements can be customized.
4.  Weight: about 350 g per sqm.
5.  Tensile strength (5cm): warp > 3000N, weft>2000N
6.  Width: as usual 1.3~1.5 meters, the special requirements can be customized, the whole piece cloth tensile strength > 40000N.

1. New material, non-toxic
2. High tensile strength.
3. Stable size
4. Good environmental adaptability.

1. Button mushroom / agaricus bisporus cultivation
2. Floriculture
3. Greenhouse
4. Nursery
5. Horticulture

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