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General introduction of the fiber glass needle felt filter cloth and blended filter material:
Fiber glass needle felt after some reasonable finish treatment as a kind of filter cloths that can be used in some extremely high temperature circumstance for dust collection.
For conquer the disadvantages of weak cohesive, poor folding resistance and wearing of fiber glass nonwoven filter material, SUITA FITLECH developed some new style filter cloths on the basis of glass fiber (similar to FMS, we called fiber glass blending needle felt filter cloth), after several decades testing, the fiber glass filter bag and the fiber glass blended filter bags are working excellent in our clients’ bag filter houses.

Relevant specification of the glass fiber felt filter cloth and blended filter material:
Material: glass fiber + high temperature resistance fiber such as Aramid (Nomex), PPS, P84, PTFE, etc + glass filament
Weight: > 880 g/sq.m
Tensile strength: Warp :> 1800 N/5cm; Weft :> 1800 N/5cm
Service Temperature: Continues: <260℃; Peaks: 280℃
Surface treatment for choice: glazed, heat set, PTFE suspension bath, PTFE membrane.

The properties of the fiber glass needle felt filter cloth and blended filter material:
1. High Temperature Resistance: 260-280
2. Excellent corrosion resistance (except HF)
3. Customized according to different operation condition, longer service life.
4. Air permeability is higher and stable can be operated with a higher air/ cloth ratio (up to 1.0~1.2m/min) when compare to the woven fiber glass filter fabric.
5. Abrasion resistance.
6. with an economical investment.
7. Can be used in a variety of complex and harsh environmental conditions.

Main applications of the fiber glass needle felt filter cloth and blended filter material:
Fiber glass needle felt filter cloth and blended type filter cloth widely used for dust/ fume removal at the plants such as steel plants, nonferrous smelting works, chemical plants, carbon black production, Asphalt and cement plants, power plants, etc.

1. Special specification can be customized.
2. Maximum width: 2.3 meters.
3. Both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available from Suita Filters.

Anything more needed, feel free to contact SUITA FILTECH!

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Fiber glass thick felt, glass fiber thermal / sound insulation felt
According to clients’ requirement, SUITA FILTECH developed the glass fiber needle felts for thermal and sound insulation.
This type of felt is widely used for silencers of vehicles, motorcycles and the other mechanical equipment.
The felt from SUITA especially suitable for the body sandwiched-layers of cars, ships and trains, and also good for decoration and silencing system for the modern buildings.

insulation felt

fiber glass felt


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