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Filter bag supporting cages

SUITA filtech provide most professional solutions for our clients about the filter bag supporting cages to their pulse jet bag filter houses.
The Material for filter bag cages available: Carbon steel, stainless steel (304,316L)
The coating treatment available: galvanized coating, organic silicon coating, etc.

The filter cages shape available: round/column (the rings can be designed with round and stars shape), square, stars, and other shape.
Wire size available: 3.0~5.0 mm, special required can be customized.
Diameter mainly from 100~220 mm, special required can be customized.
Wire number available from 8~24 pcs.
Various design on top cap, bottom cap, venture, connection for multiple pieces, etc can be customized according to clients requirements.

Also SUITA FILTECH provide fully supports on filter cage design and installation directions, the cages are well welded, smooth surface, carefully quality checking, offer fully good quality guarantee. We also offer the consultant service for the whole bag filter house problem solutions, any help needed, just feel free to contact SUITA FILTECH!

The newly designed star rings supporting cages can be made of galvanized steel and stainless steel, with the properties of:

  1. Bag shape change little when working, reduce the effect by purging.
  2. Reduce the possibility to crash directly by the dust air from the inlet.
  3. Increase the filter area, save the space.
  4. Make the filter bags easy to purging, and prolong the service life.


stainless steel filter cage
Stainless steel filter bag cages

carbon steel wire cages
Carbon steel filter bag cages

square filter bag supporting cages
Square filter bag supporting cages

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