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The benefits of the cartridge dust collector from SUITA FILTECH:

  1. Save space: The dust collector adopted the innovative pleating dust filter cartridge, with the same size (diameter and length), the filter area is always more than 5 times when compare to the typical filter bag, with the same air flow, the volume of the cartridge filter house is much smaller than bag filter house.
  2. The filter cartridge with the shorter size when compare to the filter bag, easy maintenance.
  3. Same volume of the filter house always with a much higher filter area, the resistance is on the lower side.
  4. Sound quality filter material of the filter cartridges, the dust filter efficiency can up to 99.99% after some finish treatment.
  5. With the innovative design, the air flow differences problem to different chambers was solved successfully.
  6. Utilizing an optimized nozzle and venturi, air is pulsed at a precisely calculated distance through an unobstructed airway. The result is increased pulse cleaning energy, lower pressure drop and longer cartridge life.

    By using our dust collector, you can virtually eliminate the air quality concerns in the workplace and gain environmental compliance. Plus, you are ensuring increased employee productivity, fewer absences and illnesses, more efficient cleaning and significant operational savings.
    Any questions, feel free to contact SUITA FILTECH!
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The pleated filter cartridges for pulse jet dust collectors from SUITA FILTECH:

  1. World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters.
  2. Highest filter efficiency more than 99.99% Proper number of pleats, wide and rigid pleats Large Length-to-OD ratio.
  3. Offers excellent dust release Incorporate design according to requirements Various installation options available, easy to install and save time.
  4. Airtight gasket accessories available Applications in many temperatures conditions.
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