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woven filter cloth
Profile Polyester nets/screen mesh

spiral dryer beltSuita filters provide polyester monofilament sludge dehydrate fabric, spiral dryer fabric, deNox fabric, paper making fabric, dewatering belt, polyester net, filter belt, forming fabric for nonwoven , etc. The quality of the fabrics weaving and finishing strictly according to the ISO9001:2008, the performance is second to none.

These filter belts are widely used in paper-making, environmental protection, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, coal, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, ceramics, cement, sewage treatment, power plant deSox and deNox, non-woven manufacturing, battery insulation board, wood based panel equipment industries etc.

The polyester nets / mesh fabrics from SUITA were exported to more than 60 countries of the worlds, always can exceed our clients requirements, welcome to cooperate with SUITA FILTECH!
Woven filter cloth serials
Needle felt filter cloth serials
Filter bag serials
Air slide fabrics serials
Monofilament serials
Filter cartridge & dust collector
Bag filter houses and accessories

filter press belt polyester filter belt spiral net forming fabric


Polyester net----paper forming fabric

paper forming net

Polyester net----nonwoven cloth forming

nonwoven cloth forming net

Polyester net----dehydration nets

dehydration net

Polyester net----pulping fabrics

pulping fabrics

Polyester net----dryer fabrics

dryer net

Polyester net----other fabrics

other net


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