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nylon filter clothPolyamide (PA)/nylon famous for its abrasion resistance and super strength, it’s the excellent material for the filter fabrics weaving.
PA / nylon filter cloth Series from SUITA Filtech can be divided into nylon multifilament filter cloth and nylon monofilament filter fabric. These products possess the properties of weak acid-resistance, good alkali-resistance, high tensile strength, melting point of 215-260℃, and continuous operating temperature suggest not exceed 130℃.
The PA 6 filter fabric and PA 66 filter fabric both are available from SUITA Filtech, and the PA 66 filter fabric with much better abrasion resistance and temperature adaptability.
They are mainly used in the industries of chemical, coal mining, building Materials, melting, etc, for equipments such as frame filter Presses, disc filter, belt filters, and centrifuge filters, etc.
The filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns.
Any PA filter fabrics needed? Feel free to contact SUITA Filtech!

Typical parameter of polyamide (nylon) woven filter cloth

Series Model
Bursting strength
Air permeability

Polyamide (Nylon)
filter cloth

301 275/250 106 2010/1980 114 P
663 192/140 264 2300/1940 28 P
636 244/122 390 4600/2200 45 P
856 306/133 450 4800/3200 220 T
9447 370/181 475 4300/3500 150 T

Polyamide (Nylon)
cloth series

2325 472/224 340 2600/2200 950 S
2322 472/224 355 2400/2100 650 S
F2327 531/212 370 2400/2500 850 S (anti-static)
5542 550/114 430 3600/2000 1500 T
2475 945/295 615 >5000/2300 350 O
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