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Our productsPolyester needle felt filter bag for dust collector systems

General introduction of the polyester filter bag:
Polyester (PET, terylene) filter bag with the properties of high tensile strength, super abrasion resistance, fair acid resistance, can meet the food grade, economical cost which is widely used in various of industries for dust collection and liquid filtration.

Relevant specification for the polyester needle felt of the filter bag:
Material: polyester (PET, terylene) fiber, supported with polyester high tensile strength & low elongation scrim
Operation Temperature: Continues: ≤130℃; Peaks: 150℃
Surface treatment available: singed & glazed, heat set, PTFE suspension bath, PTFE membrane.
We can customize the products according to the requirements from the clients!

Main applications of the polyester filter bags:
1. Chemicals processing: dryers, bin vents, and nuisance dust collectors in the pigment, plastic, and catalyst industries
2. Minerals processing: finish mills, raw mills, bulk pneumatic conveying, and bin-vent dust collectors
3. Metals processing: process-venting dust collectors in the lead, lead oxide, and iron and steel industries. Pulverized-coal injection systems, fume and bulk handling systems in coke production and sand-reclamation systems in foundries
4. Power generation and Incineration: material handling for coal and limestone
5. building materials: such as cement plants, bricks plants, etc for dust collection.
6. food processing plants such as milk powder plants, flour plants, etc.

The properties of the polyester dust filter bags and services from SUITA FILTECH:
1.with professional technical team, design according to the client’s requirements, good performance guaranteed.
2.Emission within requirements, lower initial resistance, not easy to be blocked.
3.Operation suggestion will be offered, not easy broken, durable.
4.All the size and finish treatment available, immediate delivery.
5.The whole day 24 hours offer after sales services and faster response.

1. Special specification can be customized.
2. maximum width:2.25meters.
3. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available from Suita Filters.

polyester filter bag

polyester antistatic filter bag

polyester antistatic filter bag

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